Modular Load-Carrying System

The system consists of variety of vests, belts, harnesses, straps, carriers, backpacks and accessories which gives a room for mutual and purposeful combination of components. The Modular Load-Carrying System enables the soldier to carry the maximum amount of gear and ammunition supply and ensures the soldier’s maximum comfort, mobility and capacity for action.HARNESSES. Harness can be fi tted with variety of backpacks, pouches, carriers namely by means of clamps, buckles, fasteners etc. By adjustable length straps the combat belt can be attached to the harness. It makes possible to infi x other carrier components being part of the system (see catalogue).

COMBAT VESTS. The whole-body integrated rappelling and recovery system with sedentary thimble and chest choker can be a component part of the vest. It enables the user to perform any of activities aloft (roping down, descending from helicopters, recovery, special high building tactical activities) The vest can be fi tted with immovably stiched on carriers or with removable carriers or by both. By means of straps with adjustable length the combat belt can be affi xed to the vest as well. Size (width) of the vest can be also adjusted (see catalogue).

COMBAT BELTS can be worn either separately or in connection with the harness and vest. Particular types of carriers can be attached to a belt by means of connecting straps equipped by safety T-pegs or by connecting straps. The universal thigh hanger can also be attached to a combat belt (left and right execution).

THIGH HANGERS serve actually as either harness or vest extension respectively into height of thighs (see catalogue).

CARRIERS for all types of weapons, ammunition and soldier’s accoutrements are designed with high universality rate and specialization. Some of the carriers provide for left or right modifi cation and execution (see catalogue).