Company´s history

The S.P.M Ltd Company’s history reaches back into beginning of the 90s. The first company’s production was focused on product linked to sport and leisure time. But since mid-1990s the company has targeted its development and production on new items especially on manufacturing of special outfit equipment designated for army of the Czech Republic. As a result of a new company’s production strategy the Modular Load-Carrying System MNS 2000 and Armour Plate Carrier NPP-2006, both one has been introduced and implemented into Army of the Czech Republic and designed for all troop categories as from Land Forces, members of reconnaissance, paratrooper and military police units to special military groups.

Throughout the S.P.M Company’s history the emphasis on improving not only technological instrumentation but also human resources and management has been insisted on.
Since 2000 the Company has tried to solicit business outside the Czech Republic territory and participated at number of exhibition in U.A.E., South Africa, Greece, Slovakia, Indonesia, etc. Such approch and decision making enable active presentation and demonstration of our products. At the same time we have earned the possibility to introduce personally complete system to specialists and experts of Bulgarian, Egyptian, Austrian, Indian, Malaysian, Phillipinian, Finland, Sweden and German Army as well.
In the course of design development and production we take advantage of substantial experience resulting from employment of the MNS 2000 and NPP-2006 system into war missions in Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Iraq, Afghanistan as well joint excercises with NATO allied armed forces (USA, GB, GER).
Today S.P.M. Liberec s. r. o. Company’s philosophy and strategy calls for establishment of international trading and manufacturing facilites abroad. Such step shall open possibility to take meaningful influance and share in other territories than Europe.

Our company is engaged into activities of free association of companies under the name of NBC Team.
NBC Team is considered an alliance of companies the production programmes of which are mutually linked and supported (for example Gumárny Zubří – producer of protective gas masks, Sigma – manufacturer of protective gas mask fi lters, S.P.M Liberec – manufacturer and distributor of protective gas mask pouches etc.). Through the Alliance our customers can be offered comprehensive anti-chemical protection system. We are the member of AOP as well.