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Do you have request to modify equipment? This is not a problem for us.

Our Services

  1. 1 Development

    S.P.M. Liberec Ltd. is manufacturing and development company of high quality sewn products. Comprehensive technical development, design, manufacture, testing and service resources of military outfit equipment for army, security agencies and police.

  2. 2 Technology and materials

    Used materials of the highest technical parameters and quality – strength, endurance and camouflage according to the latest trends. Especially we use materials like plastic buckles, edgings and straps with infra-red remissions. We use a sewing machine including semi-automatic from company Brother.

  3. 3 Production

    Production of 3 types of Modular Load-Carrying Systems, Ballistic Panel Carriers, Tactical and Ballistic Vests ,Backpacks etc. We are able to process all the technical materials(polyester, polyamide, nonflammable and special composite materials) for the production of special equipment and techniques in the fields: special military equipment, ballistic systems including ballistic protection, parachute equipment, antichemical protection equipment and sewn products for rescue and medical units.

  4. 4 Services

    We have years of experience in co-operation with the Czech Republic Army and the longest tradition in such activities within the Czech Republic territory -successfully tested in combat conditions, i.e. in Bosna, Kosovo, Macedonia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan missions and at joint excercises with NATO allied armed forces (US,GB, GER etc.) Long-lasting experience in the field of sewing and developmen. Product with emphasis on maximum finish quality – long durability and reliability.


S.P.M. Liberec

Specialist in sewn modular systems for military, police and other armed forces.
The most modern sewing technology, experienced staff and Quality Management Systém in ISO 9001:2000 a COS 051622 – AQAP 2110 is a quarantee of the quality of our products.